Multi-Tasking, Does it Send You Into Overwhelm?

ARCHIVED - Friday, April 17th, 2015

Well here I am again with another blog – very late and definitely not on schedule but better late than never.

I’ve spent the last year or so writing copy and learning how to setup a WordPress website. It’s taking time, mainly because l find multi-tasking stressful (you would not believe how many things you have to take care of to set up a website). In fact it’s exhausting and sends me into overwhelm. Mind you the exhaustion might be partly due to the fact that when you live in Australia most of the online courses and classes you want to attend are at 2 or 3 am in the morning!

My mind doesn’t help either . It constantly gets excited with all the shiny new things I can explore and try out on the internet and I constantly hop from one thing to another and end up getting nothing done.

I seem to need to reach a point of frustration and the feeling that I have hit the wall exhausted before I get the message from my body that I need to stop and give myself a reality check.

And as soon as I did that – guess what arrived in my inbox – an article about understanding our heart’s intelligence – it stopped me in my tracks and made me remember – I’m doing it again . I’m not listening to my heart. I’m getting carried away again by my minds ambitious plans and frantic energy.

So I sat down and did a bit of muscle testing on myself to find out what I really need to do to deal with this exhausting situation I had created. And what did my body say I needed – nothing complicated really, just make time to check in with what my heart feels I really need. Practice some Mindfulness and Present moment Awareness to help me slow down enough to make a time to do Remembrance.

Give my mind a break from it’s frantic activity of planning organizing and micro-managing. Let it have a “Being” break – nothing to do except just “Be”.

Give my heart the space to do Remembrance and connect with the Oneness. A chance to remember I am part of a greater evolutionary flow that I can trust and embrace at any time. And you know what, that feels so good.

All I have to do now is get my mind to come to the party!!

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