Social Media – Could it be the Diamond in my Pocket?

ARCHIVED - Saturday, June 7th, 2014

For a late arrival to the internet and social media scene like myself the Book Marketing Challenge has felt like both a terrifying challenge and an exciting opportunity. It brought my attention to a lot of things I had not even considered before. It definitely opened up a new way to operate in the world. I realized the Social media and communicating through the internet offered me new ways to share ideas, celebrate successes and offer support to people going through challenges.

The only trouble was it made me feel so vulnerable. Everything happens so quickly and people I hardly know can read what I think and feel. It felt like they arrived in my living room via email before I had had time to greet them at the front door. No time to get, to know them, check each other out and decide if we liked each other before our connection was visible for everyone to see. Yet something inside me told me I needed to pay attention to this. It was what I needed. I needed a website and social media interaction if I was to reach more readers with my book “Self Care for Busy Mothers.”

But there was still a part of me that wasn’t sure so I contacted Tad Hargraves who is a goldmine of innovative ideas and advice on email marketing and whose Niching for Hippies course was what really got me started last year when I first decided I wanted to promote my book online.

mental overwhelm

“Do I really need to get Social Media savvy Tad ?” I asked. “Yup !” the answer can back .

Not what I secretly wanted to hear but I had to recognize he was right. I came away from that conversation with a to do list of ideas and strategies that I could never have seen on my own.

So I decided to bite the bullet and went out and bought a copy of “Facebook and Twitter for seniors for Dummies”. As I started to read it dawned on me that this could be the diamond in my pocket , that invisible opportunity that I already had available to me  and which I had been overlooking all this time.

It’s amazing how as you begin to focus your thoughts on something it starts to turn up in your inbox. That’s how it was with The Book Marketing Challenge and I am so grateful it found me.  What I have found most helpful is the way that D’vorah has given us the bigger picture of all that is involved in marketing a book on line .This has really helped me link the pieces of the internet marketing puzzle together and given me a valuable collection of coaches and resources I can reach out to as I move through this process myself.

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