Are You Ready to Write Yourself a Better Story

ARCHIVED - Friday, November 3rd, 2017

Do you ever find yourself asking?

Why does this always happen to me?”

Why is it when I try to change things it doesn’t work?”

Do any of those thoughts ever come into your mind? – and if they do what’s your response?

How we respond to our thoughts can become a portal of opportunity that opens up when we remember to ask the question Why?

Ask yourself Why?

Take a moment to be curious and ask yourself – Is there another way I can deal with this?

This question can be the first step to setting yourself free from what feels like a blocked frustrating situation. It allows you to open a door in your mind and explore the different options and possible outcomes that are stored there.

So, if you find yourself repeating these phrases to yourself give yourself a break and check out if there are any stories that your mind has created that are holding the stuck situation in place.

Your mind loves to create stories about the things that happen in your life. And usually beneath the story there is a underlying unspoken belief holding it in place. It’s easy enough to see the story your mind is creating as it’s an expert in drama and special effects. But the unconscious belief underneath it that is holding it all in place is usually more difficult to see.

It’s a bit like fishing really.

It’s difficult to see the fish you want to catch when it is submerged under water hidden from view. Your mind can often be creating stories based on beliefs that no longer serve you and may not even be yours! (it has been estimated as much as 50% of our beliefs can be genetic inherited ones carried down through your DNA).

Ready to try a New Solution?

Write yourself a new story

I’m not saying your mind isn’t trying to help but when it is driven by fear and the bodies fight and flight mechanism it constantly catastrophises and creates a  stream of back-up plans that can  literally take over your life. They can make things more complicated and  even cause things and situations you don’t want in your life to keep recurring. And  when you  can’t “see” the beliefs that are causing all this you end up feeling very immobilized and  frustrated .

So if you are feeling your would like to write yourself a better story let me offer you some help to uncover and change these invisible beliefs that have been frustrating and limiting you for years?

Time to use  Kinesiology  and Have A Chat with Your Body

Kinesiology or muscle-testing as it is also called is something I have been using for over 25 years now to help people identify and defuse self-defeating beliefs and blind spots that are preventing them moving forward in their lives. Kinesiology is a very respectful non-invasive form of bodywork that uses a muscle response to access the body’s cellular memory and intuitive heart wisdom to identify the negative belief  that is keeping you stuck in a situation. Once the belief is identified Kinesiology is used again to test and clear the energy blocks in the body’s energy field and acupuncture meridians that have been energetically holding the limiting belief in place.

Don’t believe me?  Would you like to try it for free?

For the next three weeks until the end of November I am inviting you to…

Contact me for a  FREE 30min online Skype or phone Clarity Session

In the session I  work with you to identify and dissolve the  hidden belief that is frustrating and immobilizing you around a current situation in your life. Email me here  or text/call my mobile  +61433489875 to arrange a session and let me  help you made that inner connection to your bodies inner guidance and healing power  that you have been looking for.

I am offering you the opportunity to discover how to utilize your own inner resources and begin to build a sense of inner strength and resilience that does not depend on outer circumstances but on a connection to your bodies own heart  wisdom and it’s intuitive ability to know what is right for you . This is an inner resource that we all have inside us. It is always available for us to call on any time……………  as long as we remember it is there !

So why not take this opportunity to spend 20 mins with me and together let me use kinesiology to identify and clear any  limiting belief that has been frustrating you and keeping stuck in a mental loop of focusing on what you can’t do.

So to Come Back to the WHY ?

WHY ? should you do this? Why should you create a new habit and watch it help you break out of the mental feedback loop  your mind has got stuck into. Free yourself up so you can move away from seeing the glass as always being half empty . Open Up to seeing it begin to fill with new ways of seeing things that makes life so much more interesting and  be open to life beginning to feel a bit easier . Less struggle and more flow .You might even find yourself forgetting to take your anti-depressants some days ! ­

But seriously I’d love to hear your comments and experiences around all this. So hit reply and leave a comment before you leave. And I look forward to catching up with you again in a few weeks

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