Is it Time to Turn On your Inner GPS and get focused on where you want to go?

ARCHIVED - Monday, September 18th, 2017

“Time-Poor” and Looking for a Solution?

Do you ever find yourself feeling overwhelmed with the amount of things you have to manage , take care of and trouble shoot in your life ? Do you get the feeling that you are becoming more and more Time Poor as ”stuff” builds up and you feel you are struggling  to handle too many obligations and commitments in all areas of your life?

You wish you had some sort of instant GPS you could turn on and let it help you navigate all this “stuff” easily and efficiently. Something that would give you the security of feeling that someone’s got you back and there is help available to help you navigate the challenges that life throws at you. You find yourself longing for this sort of outer support but in today’s busy world it’s not easy to find. We are all so busy, people just don’t have time to stop and listen to your problems much less have time to help you out.

But Could You Be Looking in the Wrong Place?

It can feel like an impossible task to find the help you need but what if you were looking for help in the wrong place?
What if you already had an inner GPS that can give you the inner guidance you need to be able to handle these challenges without ending up in exhaustion and burn out? And the only problem is – you haven’t turned it on yet !

Or you may have turned it on but find it difficult to hear it guidance above the level of external “noise” in the world around you that drowns its inner voice. That includes all the needy demands and dramas of the people in your life. Not to mention the ­­­­host of addictive external distractions that the electronic cyberspace of the internet creates and that constantly calls to you from your HD TV and mobile phone wherever you are.

These pressures are not just external. The pressures you are living under keep your body in a constant state of adrenal alert that creates a state of ongoing anxiety and panic as your mind struggles to deal with the situation. It creates a state of “ Inner Noise” that constant Mind-Chatter as  your mind works frantically to trouble shoot and create management plans to cover all possible problems or glitches  that might arise. This constant “ Inner Noise”  makes it difficult to hear the guidance of this inner GPS or for you to have time to stop , take stock and look at how you could deal with your situation differently. But that is exactly what you need to do.

Time For A Software Upgrade?

Approaching the problem from a different angle with a different mindset is often the  solution to getting a better outcome. To use a phrase that is popular at the moment on the internet is

If you go on doing what you have always done

You will go on getting what you have always got.

This truth is  intensified by the massive shifts and changes that are happening all over the world. The old system and structure of society just doesn’t work anymore.

Our Inner World Creates Our Outer World

We need to start making our own inner shifts that can allow us to see and do things differently, so that we can successfully to navigate these changes and be able to contribute and be part of creating a better world. And to do this as the quotation above indicates, your mind needs a different Software operating system. An operating system that allows you to reduce your bodies internal levels of adrenal stress hormones by reducing your mind chatter and the anxiety it creates. It is this reduction in anxiety that allows you to stand back and see situations and problems in a different light.­­­­­

Get Authentic Inner Guidance from the Wisdom of Your Body and Your Heart

You need a system that allows you to deal with problems from a different angle, from an inner heart-centred space. One that gives you a sense of inner certainty and support without the feelings of anxiety and overwhelm that running on adrenaline and multi-tasking 24/7 creates.­­­ One system that I find works well is Mindfulness. It is something that you can learn to do for yourself one step at a time. Even in the middle if your busy life.

If you’re curious to know more about how Mindfulness works continue reading here on my previous blog post  Exhausted by Multitasking? Try Mindfulness Instead

And if any of this is resonating with you check out my next months Inner Answers Newsletter and discover why Mindfulness is a such a powerful tool that more and more people are using to help them navigate today’s crazy world with less stress, more inner peace and a sense of  inner heart resilience .

Now Over To You

I’d love to hear how you find all this. Hit Reply below and share a comment on what areas of your life make you feel Time Poor and the things you love but never have enough time to do for yourself.

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