Mary Choo

I’m an Occupational Therapist and Registered nurse who went into private practice in 1991 after 15 years in hospital practice. I’ve spent many years studying a number of energy therapies and mindfulness practices to become a who I am today. Helping people disentangle beliefs and mindsets that prevent, wellbeing, creativity, self-care and nurture.

A trained  Kinesiologist, I use skills and knowledge to talk to the body’s cellular memory and intuitive intelligence, assisting people to connect with, and energetically change, deep-seated negative beliefs that are sabotaging personal relationships and blocking success.

Teacher, facilitator of healing, instructor in Mindfulness Meditation, author, mother and grandmother, my desire is for everyone to tap into their hearts wisdom, and step out of the ‘closet of creativeness’ and become all that is yours to become.   

I offers workshops on Me-Time-Space, Mindfulness Meditation, ‘Closet Creativeness’, working individually or in groups.  

Let’s get in touch for a chat, we’ll see how I can help you to become the best, most contented and amazing version of yourself.

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