Mindfulness: A Gentle way to Recover from Overwhelm, Regain your Focus and Achieve your Goals

ARCHIVED - Monday, June 29th, 2015

Mindfulness – can it really help you Recover from Overwhelm and Regain Your Focus?
So you’re feeling overwhelmed and constantly anxious every time you think about all the things you have to do and the lack of time you have to do them in. You’re not alone- most of us are TimePoor these days and that includes me. Whether it’s caused by workload, family commitments, financial pressures or just the presence of the electro-magnetic soup of artificial  energies that we all live in , it’s easy to feel trapped in a space of overwhelm and constant anxiety as our bodies struggle to maintain a sense of inner focus and calm.

The Truth About Multi Tasking When You’re Tired

It’s so frustrating . The more you try to multi-task when you are tired the more overwhelmed you feel. Your mind is constantly in over drive either thinking of solutions or when the anxiety sets in imagining all the worst case scenarios that could happen if you don’t get your act together and get things done.

Your mind can be brilliant at researching and discovering new solutions but when it does it from a place of overwhelm and anxiety it doesn’t work.

And you know why?

It does not work because you’re looking in the wrong place.

Your Body needs Mindfulness not Multi tasking

Your poor exhausted body does not need any more external solutions it needs a sense of inner safety and security and that comes from your heart. Mindfulness is a process that can bring you back to your centre, ground you in your body and reconnects you to your hearts intuitive guidance which can see the bigger picture of what is going on in your life. After all isn’t that what we’re all looking for? A sense of inner connection in our life that gives us a feeling of inner happiness.

So What’s So Special About Mindfulness?

Mindfulness, an ancient  practice of focusing your attention on your breathing that can do just that . It brings you attention back to the present moment by activating the bodies parasympathetic nervous system that soothes and calms down  the bodies adrenalin driven fight and flight response that your anxious mind has been activating . And when that begins to happen your focus and concentration improve and you find it easier to get things done . In fact my client Katie who was studying to  finish  her Advanced teaching diploma while at the same time working five days a week holding down two jobs   was  surprised at how quickly her feelings of overwhelm and obsessive mind chatter and anxiety reduced every time after she listened to the mindfulness audio I sent her.

Over To You

Well that’s my take on this overwhelm issue which until recently I have been struggling with quite a bit myself.

See my previous blog on Multi-tasking Does it Send You Into Overwhelm?

Does this also affect you and if so what solutions have you found helpful? I’d love to hear your comments and experiences and I’m sure others would too. So click comments below to  leave a comment below and join the conversation.

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